Here are 9 reasons why humanities matter. What’s your number 10?

Here are 9 reasons why humanities matter. What’s your number 10?

While almost half of the students in the world pursue an education in the medical and technical fields of engineering, another 20% seek job opportunities in the entertainment sector. There is only a very insignificant number of people pursuing a career in humanities. Despite being one of the highly regarded majors worldwide, both parents and students hesitate to submit applications for a seat to this subject. Many CEOs around the globe have a degree in humanities, and people are still skeptical about the prospect of selecting it as a major. It is a topic that needs to be discussed on international forums and through media because the world needs more humanities graduates. Since fewer people are enrolling for the program, only around 0.5% of federal research money is assigned to humanities, and in Europe, it is only slightly higher at 1%.


With the economy running into a dip, it isn’t just accountants, engineers, and commerce graduates that we require. In order to hold all the nations together without collapsing, every field has to contribute immensely towards the pillar they form. Several newspapers and magazines that focus on the working of the humanities sector have published stories about the subject’s debilitating prevalence. Everyone in the society can benefit from more people studying humanities. Employers and individuals alone aren’t gaining from this social structure built by that sector. Here are a few reasons why humanities are considered important.

1.      Learning About People

By pursuing a degree in humanities, you are letting yourself out into the world to explore various lives. People from different parts of the globe stand out as unique beings with their cultures, history, and language. Understanding them for their lifestyle and mindset becomes easier with humanities.

2.      Equality

Unlike what many think, humanities aren’t just a program that opens doors to multiple career options. It fosters social justice throughout the various stages in the working of a system. Ensuring equality in all nations can be quite a task without proper force to execute the plans. Humanities can cultivate a better culture of equality all over the world.


3.      Deeper Understanding of the Planet and Its Evolution

When you go deeper into the concepts of humanities, you are likely to come across the multiple junctures in history. People’s efforts to make spiritual, moral, and intellectual sense of the world will also be revealed.

4.      Empathy

Humanities have a lot of implications, and one of the most important aspects is that it teaches empathy.

5.      Dealing with Data

The information you gather through research will have imperfections and complexities, which can be disentangled with understanding humanities on a deeper level.


6.      Binary Element

Humanities will teach you to consider both sides of a concept when studying it.

7.      Developing Skills

Students will start developing skills in critical reading and writing.

8.      Better Reasoning

Creative thinking is one benefit of pursuing humanities, and it also helps us look at the world less skeptically.


9.      Formation of a Strong Democracy

People become more informed with the spread of concepts of humanities, leading to the development of a flourishing democracy.

Now that you know the nine reasons to promote humanities, find the tenth reason for yourself to be engaged in it.

David B Simpson

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