Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities

HA: The Journal

Coming Soon - HA: The Journal, 2014 issue!

The Hannah Arendt Center Journal offers the best lectures and talks given every year at the Hannah Arendt Center. The journal is both beautiful and rich in thinking. Our inaugural issue includes essays on the power of truth in politics and the fragility of humanity in an increasingly inhuman age. It also includes tributes to Elisabeth Young-Bruehl and Lotte Kohler.

Contributors include: Babette Babich, Nicholson Baker, Alexander R. Bazelow, Roger Berkowitz, Peg Birmingham, Marianne Constable, Wolfgang Heuer, George Kateb, Jonathan Kay, Jerome Kohn, Lewis Lapham, Patchen Markell, Rob Rieman, Uday Singh Mehta, Lance Strate.

There are only a limited number of the journals left. Get your copy here for $35.


Inside our inaugural issue: