Loneliness and the Anti-Social Networks

Roger Berkowitz, Director of the Arendt Center, has just posted a review of Sherry Turkle’s New Book Alone Together.

Turkle spoke at The Arendt Center’s Fall Conference, Human Being in an Inhuman Age. You can view her talk here:

From The Review:

IN THE STUDIES THAT form the backbone of Turkle’s book, real-life humans often prefer the companionship offered by robots and networks of “friends” to the complicated relationships with real people. These friendships and relationships with machines are one-sided, diminished, and superficial; and yet, they are apparently satisfying – frequently more satisfying than real relationships. The trend is unmistakable: if we don’t consciously change our ways, she says, we will end up in the not-too-distant future devoid of the rich and mature relationships that mark us as human. More…